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What is Facial Fat Grafting?

The effects of gravity and time cause a loss of facial volume and overall hollowing resulting in a gaunt, worn appearance. Facial fat grafting is a natural method for restoring lost facial volume and reviving youthfulness. Rather than injecting a synthetic dermal filler into depleted regions of the face, Dr. Givens, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, can gently extract, purify, and precisely relocate fat cells to areas of facial hollowing while toning and slimming one's midsection at the same time. 

Dr. Victoria Givens

Volumizing the Face

Toning the Mid-Section

When receiving facial fat grafting in Austin by Dr. Givens, you will undergo a multi-step procedure which involves gentle extraction of fat cells from the mid-section (abdomen and/or side flanks). Dr. Givens employs an advanced and precise technique to secure the highest quantity and quality of viable fat and produce even toning and slimming of the mid-section. The harvested fat is then processed and purified, leaving healthy fat cells required for complete restoration. Finally, the cleaned cells are precisely injected into various regions of the face lacking volume to provide the ultimate enhancement and rejuvenation.

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          The Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

Issues Addressed with Facial Fat Grafting

  • A hollowed, worn appearance
  • Sunken temples and eyes
  • Hollowed cheeks
  • Etched perioral lines
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Depressions in the skin
  • Acne scarring

Benefits Achieved with Facial Fat Grafting

  • A natural, restored appearance
  • Improved facial contours
  • Slimmed and toned midsection
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restored self-confidence

Why Choose Dr. Givens for Facial Fat Grafting in Austin?

Dr. Givens has achieved a reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery and is among the most accomplished plastic surgeons practicing facial fat transfers in Austin. She provides individualized, personal service; and focuses on establishing long-term relationships with her clients. Every procedure, including facial fat transfer, is performed with precision and the most advanced techniques. If your appearance is affected by volume loss, trust your face to one of the top female facial plastic surgeons in Austin for a restored, balanced and natural enhancement.

About Dr. Givens

Dr. Victoria Givens


Which Areas Of The Face Benefit From Facial Fat Grafting?

Most areas of the face that lack volume and symmetry can benefit from fat transfer including but not limited to the temples, under eyes, cheeks, perioral regions, corners of the mouth, jawline, and areas of depression and scarring. A private consultation with Dr. Givens is required to determine which regions of the face are suitable for restoration.

Which Is Better: Facial Fat Grafting Or Dermal Filler Injection?

While both options can define and restore facial volume, each patient is unique and requires a customized treatment strategy to achieve aesthetic goals. Facial fat transfer uses natural fat cells rather than synthetic fillers to revolumize and trigger skin regeneration for long-lasting enhancement. In addition, there is no risk of allergic reaction associated with any fat transfer in Austin.

How Does A Facial Fat Grafting Procedure Slim And Tone My Mid-section?

The fat required for transfer must first be harvested from the abdomen and/or the side flanks. By carefully and precisely removing fat from these regions, the mid-section is slimmed and toned. It is crucial to choose an expert with advanced techniques to perform this procedure and ultimately achieve optimal results in both facial contouring and mid-section slimming.

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