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Insurance & Financing

Dr. Givens understands that financing your surgery or cosmetic procedure can be stressful, which is why she offers several options to make the process stress-free and convenient for you. Givens Facial Plastic Surgery accepts all major credits cards as well as cash and checks. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent so that you can properly prepare for your treatment. Let our office help you to focus less on the financial aspect and more on your journey towards personal transformation and self-confidence.

Dr. Victoria Givens


Dr. Givens accepts several insurance plans in her private practice. While insurance does not typically cover cosmetic and/or elective procedures, certain plans may pay for all or part of procedures deemed medically necessary. It is important that you carefully review your health insurance policy as well as all in-network and out-of-network benefits associated with your plan. 


Healthcare Focused Financing & Lending

We have partnered with CareCredit to extend both short-term and long-term healthcare financing options for expenses not covered by insurance, such as cosmetic procedures. Learn more about the CareCredit financing options by clicking the link below and schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Victoria Givens to get your own personalized price quote.

Patient Financial Responsibilities

After your consultation with Dr. Givens, exact costs of your procedure will be discussed so that you leave the office feeling secure with your decision. The total cost of a treatment or procedure includes fees charged by Dr. Givens, the cost of surgical supplies, anesthesia, laboratory tests, and out-patient facility related charges (in-office, surgery center, hospital, and/or overnight stay) where applicable. Depending on whether the cost of surgery is covered by an insurance plan, you will be responsible for necessary co-payments, deductibles, and charges not covered. In the event complications from surgery develop, additional costs may occur with all secondary/revision surgery and hospital stay charges being the responsibility of the patient.

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