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Your Custom-Tailored Lift

The effects of time, genetics, and stress contribute to visible signs of aging and the loss of facial definition. As tissues descend, the face and neck begin to hollow and sag. When performed by Dr. Givens, our top female facial plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence, a custom facelift in Austin will literally turn back the hands of time to provide the natural youthfulness and confidence that you desire and deserve.

Dr. Victoria Givens

The Ideal Candidate for the Austin Custom Lift

A facelift is the gold standard of long-term facial rejuvenation. The ideal candidate for the Austin Custom Lift is a non-smoking, realistic individual without medical conditions that impair healing. Over time, your facial tissues lose volume and move downward creating a tired, wrinkled, and aged appearance. Skin becomes less elastic, fat deposits appear, and the underlying musculature loses tone resulting in jowl formation at the cheeks and jawline, deepening nasolabial folds, and loss of a defined neckline. Patients with these physical changes independent of their actual age are excellent candidates for receiving a facelift in Austin with Dr. Givens. 

My patients are my first priority. I believe that trust is the foundation upon which the strongest relationships are built. My intention is to first understand each patient’s individual needs and then provide a clear and customized solution to ultimately achieve exceptional, natural results.

Dr. Givens

The Benefits of a Facelift

Issues Addressed with a Facelift

  • A tired, deflated facial appearance
  • Loss of youthful facial contours
  • Sagging jowls
  • A double chin
  • Loose skin on the face and neck
  • Excess fat of the neck
  • Skin aging, laxity, and wrinkles

Benefits Addressed with a Facelift

  • A refreshed, natural appearance
  • Refined, balanced facial contours
  • Facial and neckline musculature restored to their original youthful position
  • Smoothed away wrinkles and lines
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restored self-confidence

The Facelift Consultation with Dr. Givens

Your first visit with Dr. Givens is called a consultation. This private session will address what has prompted you to seek expert advice and explore surgical options. Dr. Givens will perform a thorough assessment of your skin, facial features, and neckline to pinpoint physical nuances contributing to facial aging and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Givens wants her patients to make informed treatment decisions. She will discuss and educate you on the available surgical and non-surgical options relevant to your overall goals. All questions and concerns will be addressed during your consultation. Dr. Givens always invites her patients to return for a second consultation to further discuss any new or remaining patient concerns related to the previously established and recommended treatment plan.

Why Choose Dr. Givens for a Custom Facelift ?

Dr. Givens performs the Austin Custom Lift to improve visible signs of aging and redefine the contours of the lower face and neckline, providing results that last for decades. The secret behind this innovative technique lies in the detailed and precise surgical approach that is employed. Dr. Givens carefully places well-hidden incisions within the hairline and natural creases of the ear, removes excess facial and neck fat, lifts and resuspends the deep facial and neck musculature to their original position, and repositions the skin for a tensionless closure. This advanced method allows for the restoration of a natural, refreshed appearance.

Dr. Victoria Givens


Does a Facelift treat your entire face?

Sun damage, the force of gravity, genetics, and exposure to societal norms (air pollution, alcohol, smoking, second-hand smoke, generic makeup) compound the effects of the aging process and result in a variety of unwanted physical changes to the face and neck. While these age-related changes may be visible on the upper face (forehead and eyes), a facelift only treats the lower face from the cheekbone down to the chin and the neckline. It is common to incorporate additional procedures to complement the results of your facelift. These treatments include a brow lift and eyelid rejuvenation, fat transfer, facial implant placement, neurotoxin and filler injection, nasal reshaping, and skin resurfacing treatments.

How soon will my face appear naturally refreshed after surgery?

While the recovery process is highly individualized, you should see results after only a few weeks. However, patience is required as total improvement may require several months. Many patients plan their surgery around an upcoming major life event that could involve scrutiny in the public eye. Allowing for at least three months of healing prior to partaking in your facelift in Austin is usually more than adequate.

I have had a prior unsatisfactory outcome with a Facelift and/or other facial plastic surgery procedures. Can you help?

Most of the time, an experienced surgeon can produce long-lasting results that both of you are pleased with—often for several decades. However, in surgery as in life, there are no guarantees. Dr. Givens is well-versed in the art of revision surgery. Depending on the nature and extent of the previous surgery, your options may be limited. Dr. Givens will provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan to set realistic expectations for your facelift in Austin. It is essential to understand that while surgery can restore a balanced, youthful appearance, it cannot stop the natural aging process over time.

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