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The Ideal Earlobe Shape

Earlobes come in variable shapes and sizes. However, the natural aging process in addition to years of earring use results in elongated, misshapen, asymmetric, and stretched earlobes over time. As an expert in earlobe reduction in Austin, Dr. Givens regularly performs this procedure to restore the earlobes to their rightful position.

Dr. Victoria Givens

Am I a Candidate for an Earlobe Reduction?

Earlobe reduction surgery resizes and reshapes the earlobes to achieve an ideal appearance that frames the face and restores balance. This minimally invasive procedure is performed in the office, requires minimal downtime for recovery, and is virtually scarless. Individuals looking for a customized approach that transforms and sculpts the earlobes to give a more youthful appearance are ideal candidates.

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The Pierce & Plump

A Signature Service

Do your earlobes have difficulty supporting our earrings? Do your stretched or split earlobe piercings need to be repaired, re-pierced, and plumped? Well, look no further! Dr. Victoria Givens performs her signature in-office “Pierce & Plump” procedure to give that much-needed perfecting finish to those beautiful earlobes. Schedule a consultation today at Givens Facial Plastic Surgery for your earlobe reduction in Austin.

Issues Addressed with an Earlobe Reduction

  • Overly long earlobes
  • Misshapen earlobes
  • Asymmetric earlobes
  • Large earlobes
  • Stretched earlobes
  • Gauged earlobes

Benefits Achieved with an Earlobe Reduction

  • A youthful, balanced appearance
  • Natural, proportionate earlobes
  • Lifted earlobes
  • Long-lasting results
  • A short, safe procedure
  • Restored self-confidence

Why Choose Givens Facial Plastic Surgery for my Earlobe Reduction?

At Givens Facial Plastic Surgery, patients expect results that surpass expectations. An earlobe reduction is a surgery that should be performed by a plastic surgeon whose artistry and meticulous care will achieve natural, beautiful results. Dr. Victoria Givens is a trusted and sought-after female facial plastic surgeon known for her exceptional results, patient care, and a dedication to excellence.

Dr. Victoria Givens



Any time a cut is made on the body there will be a scar. However, scar visibility depends on several factors. Incisions of the earlobes are hidden within natural creases and borders to ensure scars are virtually invisible. The beauty of undergoing an earlobe reduction in Austin with Dr. Givens is that the results cannot be discerned as having been achieved with surgery.


The cost of an earlobe reduction surgery is variable and depends on individual patient anatomy, complexity of the case, and whether or not other adjunctive aesthetic procedures will be performed simultaneously. Rather than focus on a specific number, you should concentrate on selecting a surgeon with significant experience and whom you trust to give you the results you desire. A detailed quote that includes all necessary fees will be provided during your private consultation with Dr. Givens.


Patients are able to return to work once the procedure is complete. During the week that your ears are healing, it’s important to keep the sutured area clean. Piercing and plumping can usually be performed 6 weeks after your procedure.

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