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Customized Facial Contouring

The natural contours of the facial structure determine beauty, balance, and symmetry. Inherited family traits and the aging process over time demonstrate and highlight imbalances in the facial form. Our custom facial implants are designed to enhance the physical structure of the face by redefining natural contours. When performed by Dr. Givens, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has a reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery in Austin, facial implants are customized to each patient and will improve the overall shape and definition of the face.

Dr. Victoria Givens

What are Facial Implants?

Redefining Beauty

Facial implants are surgically placed to define a more balanced and alluring facial contour by volumizing the temples, cheeks, jawline and/or chin. Selecting a plastic surgeon with extensive expertise in facial anatomy and state-of-the-art implantation techniques is crucial for a successful outcome. Dr. Givens, a leading female facial plastic surgeon in Austin, utilizes FDA approved custom facial implants manufactured from materials proven to be compatible with human tissue to create a restored, natural appearance that lasts for decades. 

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Types of Facial Implants with Dr. Givens

Temple Implants

Temporal augmentation is indicated for revolumization of sunken or asymmetric temples. Individually tailored temporal implants are chosen to resolve hollowing—an obvious sign of aging. These implants are fashioned to restore natural youthfulness and redefine the contours of the upper face.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are surgically placed to create a more elegant, youthful appearance. Customized augmentation of the mid-face will enhance the definition and natural contours by lifting and volumizing. These implants are designed and tailored to your own facial structure allowing for the ultimate enhancement in natural beauty.

Chin & Jawline Implants

Customized chin and jawline augmentation is the most frequently requested facial implantation procedure of Dr. Givens. A carefully selected chin and/or jawline implant can dramatically improve projection of the lower face and balance the nasal structure. Chin implants in Austin are available in a range of sizes and shapes to enhance and define the natural contours of the lower face.

         The Benefits of Facial Implants

Issues Addressed with Facial Implantation

  • Ill-defined, unbalanced facial contours
  • Sunken, asymmetric temples
  • Flat, depleted cheeks
  • Small, receding, and/or asymmetric chin
  • Weak, small, and/or undefined jawline

Benefits Achieved with Facial Implantation

  • A volumized, natural appearance
  • Redefined, balanced facial contours
  • A youthful, restored upper and mid-face
  • A defined, symmetric lower face
  • Balanced nasal structure
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restored self-confidence

Why Choose Dr. Givens for Facial Implants in Austin?

Dr. Givens has achieved a reputation for excellence in the field of facial plastic surgery and facial implants in Austin. She has extensive expertise in facial anatomy and has been invited to present her work at several international conferences. Her rigorous training and education, advanced surgical techniques, keen eye for balancing beauty and structure, and dedication to each of her patients has made Givens Facial Plastic Surgery the premier center for facial implantation.

About Dr. Givens

Dr. Victoria Givens


Can A chin augmentation Change The Appearance Of My Nose?

A large nose can make a normal-sized chin appear deficient. Conversely, a small, weak, retrusive, or asymmetric chin can make your nose appear bigger. When receiving chin augmentation, Dr. Givens will create a natural increase in volume, width, and projection that balances with your nose.

Which Is Better: Facial Implants Or Dermal Filler Injection?

While both facial implants and dermal filler injections can define and restore facial volume, each patient is unique and requires a customized treatment strategy to achieve aesthetic goals. Facial implantation uses FDA approved custom facial implants manufactured from materials proven to be compatible with human tissue to create a restored, natural appearance that lasts for decades.

Can A Surgically-placed Custom Facial Implant Move?

Dr. Givens’ meticulous technique is designed to keep your implant in position. Although it is possible for an implant to move within the first few weeks after surgery, it is uncommon. During recovery, your face may appear swollen and lumpy with variable amounts of bruising, discoloration, and asymmetry. While this is temporary and will subside to a large extent within two weeks, it will require a minimum of six months for all swelling and bruising to resolve and a full year for the implanted region to reach its final contour.

Which Other Procedures can Complement Facial Implants?

At Givens Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin, chin augmentation and other facial implants can be complemented by several different procedures, depending on individual patient needs. Some of the most common procedures done are: a brow lift, an eyelid lift, a lip lift, buccal fat removal, rhinoplasty, and even liquid rhinoplasty.

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