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What is a Chin Implant?

Your chin size, shape, and projection have a subtle, yet profound effect on your facial balance. A small, weak, or receding chin will make your nose appear larger and your neckline less defined. A chin implant in Austin provides necessary volume and structure to a receding or weak chin.

Dr. Victoria Givens

The Art and Science of Facial Balance

Beauty is universally recognized by balanced and symmetric features. Together, your individual facial features including overall shape and width, forehead height, eyelid contour, nasal form, chin and jawline structure, and neckline definition play a significant role. A subtle change to the integrity and prominence of the chin can create substantial improvement in facial harmony and immediate beautification of surrounding features. Dr. Givens is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. When she performs a chin implant in Austin at Givens Facial Plastic Surgery, she understands the science behind facial beauty and can perform chin augmentation surgery to create harmony amongst your features.

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Who is a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Candidates for a chin implant include those with:

  • Weak chin correction required
  • Asymmetry in facial features
  • The desire for improved facial symmetry
  • Dissatisfaction with chin aesthetics
  • A desire for boosted self-confidence
  • Realistic outcome expectations
  • Commitment to post-surgery care
  • Good overall health status

Dr. Givens' Chin Implant Technique


In the external approach to chin augmentation in Austin, an incision is made under the chin to minimize scar visibility and the implant is secured prior to closure. Dr. Givens commonly utilizes the external approach when neck contouring is being performed simultaneously or when an incision has been previously made under the chin.


In the intraoral approach to chin augmentation, a single  incision is made within the mouth leaving no external scar. This surgical approach is advantageous for patients who are opposed to an external incision.

The Benefits of Chin Augmentation

Issues Addressed with Chin Augmentation

  • An unbalanced facial structure due to chin abnormality 
  • A receding, weak, small, flat, or asymmetric chin
  • Lack of jawline and neckline definition
  • A nose that appears too large for the face due to chin deficiency

Benefits Achieved with Chin Augmentation

  • A chin in balance with the face and nose
  • Improved definition, projection, and symmetry of the chin
  • Elegant, refinement of the jawline and neckline
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restored self-confidence

Before & After a Chin Implant Performed by Dr. Givens

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The Givens Approach to a Facial Harmony

Your chin is instrumental in creating a balanced contour and perceived facial beauty. As asymmetry cannot be camouflaged with clothing or cosmetics, a chin augmentation procedure can be a subtle, yet life-changing event for facial enhancement and self-confidence. Dr. Givens has excelled throughout her education and career and is known for achieving exceptional results in performing chin augmentation in Austin. You will be under the care of a true professional in the field of facial plastic surgery — a physician who has the rare combination of first-class technique, artistry, compassionate care, and genuine personal warmth.

About Dr. Givens

Dr. Victoria Givens

Chin Implant FAQ

Can a Chin Implant change the appearance of my nose?

A large nose can make a normal-sized chin appear deficient. Conversely, a small, weak, retrusive, or asymmetric chin can make your nose appear bigger. A chin implant when placed by Dr. Givens will create a natural increase in volume, width, and projection that balances with your nose.

Can a Chin Implant improve my neckline or enhance my jawline?

Abnormalities of the chin can magnify a lack of jawline or neckline definition. Chin augmentation in Austin at Givens Facial Plastic Surgery done via an external or intraoral approach can refine the neckline and define the jawline, ultimately allowing for a natural, sculpted appearance and a boost in self-confidence.

Can a Chin Implant move?

Dr. Givens’ meticulous technique is designed to keep your implant in position. While it is possible for a chin implant can move within the first few weeks after surgery, it is uncommon. During recovery, your chin and jawline may appear swollen and lumpy with variable amounts of bruising, discoloration, and asymmetry. While this is temporary and will subside to a large extent within two weeks, it will require a minimum of two months for ALL swelling and bruising to resolve and a full year for the chin and jawline to reach their final contour.

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