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Natural Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from your own blood and contains multiple growth factors that promote collagen stimulation, tissue regeneration, skin tightening, and hair restoration. When injected into the scalp, these platelets release growth factors to stimulate hair follicle growth over time.

Dr. Victoria Givens

How does Hair Restoration with PRP work?

PRP hair restoration in Austin utilizes the natural components of your own body to assist with hair growth of the scalp. This in-office procedure is a multi-step process requiring a simple blood draw followed by centrifugation to separate platelets from red blood cells. The platelets are then injected into areas of thinning and poor hair growth. At least three treatment sessions are required for optimal results with maintenance sessions performed every six months to ensure continued hair growth over time. Results are not immediate as hair growth often take several months to become evident.

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The Benefits of Hair Restoration with PRP

Issues Addressed with PRP Hair Restoration

  • Early-stage or isolated hair loss
  • Thinning of scalp hair with functional hair follicles 
  • Alopecia areata (hair loss due to stress)
  • Optimization of hair growth prior to and after hair transplantation procedures
  • Scarring after hair transplantation procedures

Benefits Achieved with PRP Hair Restoration

  • Fuller, thicker, healthier scalp hair
  • Natural scalp hair restoration
  • Improved hair growth prior to and after hair transplantation procedures
  • Improved hair growth around scars after hair transplantation procedures
  • Long-lasting results (with biannual maintenance)
  • Restored self-confidence

Why Choose Dr. Givens for PRP Hair Restoration in Austin?

Dr. Givens is practicing with expertise hair restoration with PRP in Austin. She is fellowship-trained by worldwide leaders in plastic surgery and employs the latest advancements in aesthetic science. She is passionate about the art and science of facial plastic surgery, non-surgical treatments, and regenerative medicine, including PRP hair restoration. Her commitment to superior patient care, along with the most stringent health and safety protocols, makes her the ideal facial plastic surgeon to perform PRP hair restoration in Austin.

Dr. Victoria Givens


How Many Prp Treatment Sessions Are Required To Produce Optimal Results?

Hair loss is related to several factors, including inherited male or female pattern baldness, medication side effects, severe stress, hormonal changes, age, certain medical conditions, and nutritional imbalances. A series of three to four PRP treatments, scheduled four weeks apart, with maintenance sessions every six months thereafter is required for long-lasting results. Downtime is minimal with full return to normal daily activities the day following your treatment session.

Can Microneedling Be Added To My Prp Hair Restoration Procedure?

If you are in the early stages of hair loss, PRP injection can help slow the process and restore the quality of hair follicles that are not producing thick, healthy strands of hair. Microneedling is a supplemental procedure that can accompany your PRP treatment to promote cellular regeneration and boost collagen encouraging healthier follicles and skin.

Does Dr. Givens Perform Surgical Hair Restoration Including Transplantation?

Many patients are ideal candidates for non-surgical hair restoration with PRP in Austin, yet some require more invasive surgical options for optimal results. While her rigorous education and training encompassed the full spectrum of hair loss management, Dr. Givens does not perform surgical hair restoration including transplantation in her private practice.

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