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The IV Therapy Lifestyle

Indulge in maximum regenerative wellness and anti-aging with our one-of-a-kind drips. IV therapy is a comprehensive treatment designed to deliver real results. You can hydrate, boost energy, improve recovery, and reduce inflammation simultaneously in a single session. It’s not just a treatment, it’s a lifestyle.

Dr. Victoria Givens

Drip. Drip. Boom.

Increasingly busy lifestyles are the new normal. Unfortunately, this results in decreased immunity, susceptibility to “feeling run down”, and insufficient time for recovery. Not to mention that the stress of traveling between time zones, working long hours, and healing from aesthetic procedures can cause undesirable fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and inflammation. 

As health issues continue to rise with no sign of slowing down, Givens Facial Plastic Surgery decided to develop a line of signature IV therapy drips to supercharge recovery while maximizing wellness. Each of our IV treatments are personally tailored for those who desire to live a lifestyle without boundaries. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to experience a life beyond limits with our cutting-edge IV drip menu.

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Deluxe IV Drips

Givens Facial Plastic Surgery offers signature IV therapy cocktails to both enhance and maintain regenerative health and wellness. Whether you want to elevate your lifestyle, improve your post-treatment results, or just need an old-fashioned recharge, we have the perfect drip for you!

The Executive IV 

This signature treatment is for anyone with a busy lifestyle looking to reduce stress levels, strengthen the immune system, combat jet lag, and recharge energy levels. It is the simplest yet most effective way to prepare for an upcoming flight or recover from your latest journey. 

The 512 Glow

Strengthen your hair, nails, and skin while reducing premature aging and inflammation with our beauty boosting drip. This specialty cocktail not only supports thyroid function but also supplements many of our in-office treatments and surgical procedures. Get that 512 glow from the inside out.

The XO Exclusive

Experience the most sought after regenerative IV treatment in town. Find clarity, increased focus, improved healing, and the best version of yourself with this ultimate drip experience. But hurry-- exclusive access to this cutting-edge treatment is limited.

Why Choose Givens Facial Plastic Surgery for IV Therapy?

Givens Facial Plastic Surgery develops and utilizes only the most advanced IV blends to keep you feeling your very best. Our exclusive selection of custom tailored, luxury treatments are delivered directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption, symptom relief, and long-term benefits. Let our most advanced IV drips help you to maximize your regenerative health and wellness.

Dr. Victoria Givens



Yes! IV drips are a fantastic way to decrease inflammation, accelerate recovery, and reduce the effects of aging. Clients utilize our cutting-edge regenerative drips to improve healing and as a maintenance lifestyle treatment.


IV therapy directly administers vitamins, nutrients, fluids, and regenerative wellness components directly into the bloodstream. By directly accessing the bloodstream, the body is able to absorb 100% of the cocktail. Unfortunately, orally ingested vitamins do not have anywhere near the same efficacy when ingested.


All of our vitamins are FDA-approved and cGMP certified. IV therapy treatments are administered by our exceedingly experienced and registered GFPS Nursing Specialist. Prior to receiving any IV therapy, each client’s health history is evaluated. While true allergic reactions are extremely rare, you may experience temporary discomfort, bruising, itching, and redness at or around the site of injection.

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