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What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Your heritage and ethnic identity are reflected in your facial structure. While every ethnicity has its own standards of beauty, you may not be satisfied with the inherited shape of your nose and ultimately desire a more refined, elegant contour. An Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Austin, or ethnic “nose job”, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance your nasal form and facial structure while preserving the unique beauty of your heritage. 

Dr. Victoria Givens

The Role of Ethnicity in Nasal Reshaping Surgery

Standards of beauty vary widely among all cultures. The goal of ethnic rhinoplasty is to achieve facial harmony while complementing one’s inherent and distinct features. Thus, choosing a surgeon who is well-versed in multi-cultural beauty standards and has a vast knowledge of ethnic variations in skin thickness, cartilage, and overall nasal structure is essential. Dr. Givens, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, has extensive experience performing these custom surgeries and is known for her ability to achieve a remarkably natural, balanced, and elegant result.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty with Dr. Victoria Givens

Dr. Victoria Givens

The Benefits of an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Issues Addressed with an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

  • A nasal structure that is too large, small, wide, narrow, or long
  • A crooked or previously broken nose
  • A nasal bridge that is too high or low
  • A hump on the nasal bridge
  • A bulbous, hanging, short, upturned, or asymmetric nasal tip
  • Wide, flared, pinched, or asymmetric nostrils
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose

Benefits Achieved with an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

  • A nasal structure that is balanced with the face
  • Enhanced symmetry of nose while preserving inherent ethnic features
  • Improved nasal bridge, tip, and/or nostril definition
  • Elegant, refinement of the nasal bridge after hump removal
  • Restored ability to breathe through the nose
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restored self-confidence

The Importance of Ethnicity with Dr. Givens

A rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most sought after surgeries world-wide. However, your selection of surgeon should never be made in haste. Not only is Dr. Givens a top female facial plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence in nasal reshaping procedures, she understands the importance of preserving ethnic identity with surgery. Too many physicians fail to account for the distinct facial attributes of non-Caucasian patients and instead focus on “westernizing” the nose. An ethnic rhinoplasty in Austin with Dr. Givens will enhance your unique, cultural features—not erase them.

About Dr. Givens

Dr. Victoria Givens


What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty consultation?

The first step to a successful surgical outcome is a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Givens to discuss your treatment goals and expectations. After a comprehensive assessment, including review of your medical history and examination of your nasal structure and facial features, Dr. Givens will develop a personalized treatment plan to ensure your surgical goals and expectations can be achieved.

Will my Ethnic Rhinoplasty result still look like me?

Your nasal reshaping surgery will involve a customized treatment plan developed specifically for you. The goal of surgery is to produce a natural, elegant result that enhances your distinct facial features, harmonizes the nasal structure, and preserves your ethnic heritage. It is important to choose a facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Givens, who is willing to both understand your aesthetic goals and work to achieve them.

Will my recovery take longer than a Caucasian Rhinoplasty?

The artistry required to perform an ethnic rhinoplasty in Austin is above and beyond standard technique. Ethnic variations in skin thickness, cartilage, and overall nasal structure may prolong the healing process and recovery time to final result. While the final outcome of your nasal reshaping surgery will take some patience, it is well worth the wait – it can be life-changing. A nose in balance with your other facial features will allow you to feel more confident in your appearance and daily interactions.

Dr. Givens Explains the Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

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