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Perfecting the Nasal Shape

Unfortunately, not every nasal surgery is performed correctly, leading to an array of aesthetic and functional issues that can significantly impact your appearance or affect your breathing. Results that do not meet expectations can intensely and significantly affect one’s emotional state and well-being. Performed by Dr. Victoria Givens, a leading board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Austin, revision rhinoplasty can correct previous surgical errors and achieve the nasal shape you envisioned prior to your first surgery.

Dr. Victoria Givens

What is a Revision Rhinoplasty?

A revision rhinoplasty is a corrective surgical procedure that addresses new or persistent imperfections of the nasal appearance and breathing issues after a failed initial nasal reshaping procedure. This very procedure is among the most delicate and challenging of all facial surgeries. A revision rhinoplasty requires expert technique skills and a comprehensive understanding of complex nasal anatomy. Having achieved the respect of the aesthetic industry, Dr. Givens is among the most accomplished rhinoplasty surgeons practicing in the greater Austin area and beyond. 

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Before & After Revision Rhinoplasty Performed by Dr. Givens

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The Givens Approach to Revision Rhinoplasty

The first step to achieving a desired result is scheduling a private consultation with Dr. Givens for a revision rhinoplasty in Austin to address your unique aesthetic or functional concerns. Some cases may only necessitate a minimally invasive treatment or the addition of filler to correct minor asymmetries. However, many patients require extensive and extremely complex maneuvers with the addition of cartilage grafts from the nose, ear, and/or rib to support the nasal structure and add definition. 

Dr. Victoria Givens

The Benefits of a Revision Rhinoplasty

Issues Addressed with a Revision Rhinoplasty

  • An appearance that does not meet pre-surgical expectations
  • New or persistent nasal asymmetry
  • A collapsed nasal structure or difficulty breathing

Benefits Achieved with a Revision Rhinoplasty

  • A restored, natural nasal contour
  • Improved nasal symmetry and definition
  • Restored ability to breathe through the nose
  • Long-lasting results
  • Restored self-confidence 

"Dr. Givens performed my revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty, as well as a revision chin implant, in 2020. I knew immediately she was the right choice for these complicated surgeries. She asked the right questions and was very thorough in documenting our conversations. She was a good and compassionate listener as well as a great communicator. She prepared me for what to expect every step of the way and there were no surprises."


Why Choose Dr. Givens for Revision Rhinoplasty in Austin?

Revision surgery must be performed with meticulous skill, artistry, and attention to detail. Dr. Givens is an accomplished facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Austin. She has excelled throughout every phase of her career and is familiar with the most advanced techniques required to correct errors and flaws demonstrated after primary rhinoplasty. Encompassing an extraordinary level of warmth and personal care along with a distinct Southern charm, Dr. Givens is the ideal surgeon for you.

About Dr. Givens

Dr. Victoria Givens


How successful is Revision Rhinoplasty surgery?

Most of the time, an experienced surgeon can produce long-lasting results that both of you are pleased with—often for several decades. However, even in the most experienced hands, there are no guarantees in surgery. Dr. Givens’ approach to success begins with a private consultation to physically examine your nasal structure and ultimately understand your concerns prior to developing a customized treatment plan.

How soon can I undergo a Revision Rhinoplasty, and is it more expensive than a Primary Rhinoplasty?

While Dr. Givens is empathetic to your concerns and needs, she will not schedule a revision rhinoplasty in Austin for at least six months from the date of your first surgery and more likely closer to a full year unless absolutely necessary. It is imperative to allow for most if not all of the post-operative swelling and inflammation to resolve prior to further operation. A revision surgery is often more expensive than a primary rhinoplasty as repair and restoration procedures are usually very time-consuming and much more complex.

Will I need a Revision Rhinoplasty if I break my nose after my first nasal reshaping surgery?

Trauma to the nose affects each patient differently. As a result, there is no guarantee as to if you will need further treatment. However, you should notify Dr. Givens if you do incur a traumatic incident after your initial reshaping procedure to address the issue and discuss future treatment options.

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