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Dr. Victoria Givens

What is a Male Chin Augmentation?

The chin and jawline are instrumental in creating a strong, balanced contour and perceived facial attractiveness. A male chin augmentation is a custom surgery performed to define and enhance the face via the insertion of a biocompatible implant. As asymmetry cannot be camouflaged with clothing or cosmetics, this procedure can be a subtle, yet life-changing event for facial enhancement and self-confidence. When performed by Dr. Givens, a top facial plastic surgeon and an expert with male chin & jawline augmentation, this procedure results in a naturally powerful and confident appearance. 

Chin & Jawline Transformation Techniques with Dr. Givens

External Approach

In the external approach to chin augmentation, an incision is made under the chin to minimize scar visibility and the implant is secured prior to closure. Dr. Givens commonly utilizes the external approach when neck contouring is being performed simultaneously or when an incision has been previously made under the chin.

Intraoral Approach

In the intraoral approach to chin augmentation, a single  incision is made within the mouth leaving no external scar. This surgical approach is advantageous for patients who are opposed to an external incision.

Liquid Chin Augmentation

Non-surgical injection with the highest quality hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, when performed in one or more treatment sessions, can enhance both the projection and definition of the lower face while restoring self-confidence.

Benefits of a Male Chin Augmentation

  • Redefine a strong, balanced appearance
  • Improve the definition and symmetry of the chin and jawline
  • Add volume and projection to the chin
  • Reshape a receding, weak, small, flat, or asymmetric chin
  • Make the nose appear smaller and improve facial harmony
  • Provide long-lasting results
  • Restore self-confidence

Dr. Victoria Givens: A Leader in Facial Plastic Surgery for Men

Dr. Givens is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who has garnered a reputation for excellence, both in her education and practice. Her extensive training and background in facial plastic surgery give her a profound understanding of male facial anatomy and structure, allowing her to recommend and perform the right treatments to accomplish extraordinary results. If you feel self-conscious about your chin and jawline, allow Dr. Givens to help you achieve a look that makes you feel proud and attractive.

Dr. Victoria Givens


How much does a Chin Augmentation cost?

A chin augmentation procedure involves a certain amount of expense and depends on the complexity of the case. Rather than focus on a specific number, you should concentrate on selecting a surgeon with significant experience and whom you trust to give you the results you desire. Even if the price is higher, a surgeon with expertise may save you the time and cost of a revision surgery in the future.

What is the recovery like after a Chin Augmentation?

During the first week after surgery, there is moderate discomfort, swelling, bruising, and numbness. The majority of swelling and bruising will resolve within the first two weeks, while numbness and tenderness may take longer to dissipate. All sutures are removed at the end of the first week after surgery with most patients returning to work within two weeks after surgery with certain restrictions.

When will I see my results after a Chin Augmentation?

A significant amount of bruising and swelling will resolve within the first two weeks after surgery revealing a well-defined chin and jawline. While it takes a few months for all residual post-operative swelling to settle, you will see significant results within the first few weeks. In addition, it takes a full year for your chin and jawline to reach their final contour.

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