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What is a Male Eyelid Lift?

The eyelids are one of the first areas to lose youthful elasticity and tone resulting in a worn and aged appearance. A male eyelid lift is a custom surgery performed to eliminate excess tissue of upper eyelids and bags of the lower eyelids. When performed by Dr. Givens, a top facial plastic surgeon, and expert in a male eyelid lift, this procedure can produce a change that results in a younger, alert, and dependable appearance in the most natural way.

Eyelid Lift Techniques with Dr. Givens

Upper Eyelid Surgery

The upper eyelid lift restores visual form and function while making the eyes appear more alert and youthful. The secret behind this innovative technique is the specific placement of incisions, removal of redundant skin, and excision of excess fat to allow for return of a natural, refreshed appearance.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

The lower eyelid lift can be performed on its own or at the same time as upper eyelid surgery. This procedure addresses under-eye bags, hollowing, and dark circles through removal and repositioning of protruding fat and tightening of loose skin to ultimately restore the upper face.

Revision Eyelid Surgery

A revision eyelid lift corrects the outcome of a prior eyelid surgery. The decision to pursue revision surgery is significant and requires a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Givens, an expert facial plastic surgeon, to determine if your expectations can be achieved.

Benefits of a Male Eyelid Lift

  • Redefine a refreshed, alert, natural appearance
  • Improve eyelid definition
  • Firm and tighten eyelid skin
  • Eliminate bags and bulges under the eyes
  • Reduce dark circles under the eyes
  • Improve visual field impairment from drooping upper eyelid skin
  • Provide long-lasting results
  • Restore self-confidence

Before & After Eyelid Lift Performed by Dr. Givens

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Dr. Victoria Givens: A Leader in Facial Plastic Surgery for Men 

Dr. Givens focuses exclusively on facial plastic surgery and has achieved a reputation for excellence throughout her education and career. The goal of eyelid surgery is to rejuvenate your facial appearance without creating an unsightly “wide-eyed” look. To achieve this, Dr. Givens takes a conservative approach by delicately removing excess skin and fat to restore a youthful eyelid contour for a bright and engaging appearance. In addition, she provides elite service, concierge-level care, and results that exceed expectations. For the ultimate in discretion, privacy, and results, you deserve to meet with Dr. Givens and discover one of Austin’s most talented facial plastic surgeons for male eyelid surgery.

Dr. Victoria Givens


How much does an Eyelid Lift cost?

An eyelid procedure involves a certain amount of expense and depends on the complexity of the case. Rather than focus on a specific number, you should concentrate on selecting a surgeon with significant experience and whom you trust to give you the results you desire. Even if the price is higher, a surgeon with expertise may save you the time and cost of a revision surgery in the future.

What is the recovery like after an Eyelid Lift?

There is minimal discomfort with moderate bruising and swelling of eyelids, and it is not uncommon for the eyelids to swell shut for the first day after surgery. It is important to keep the eyes well-lubricated and avoid straining (looking at TVs, computer screens, tablets, phones) throughout your recovery. All sutures are removed at the end of the first week after surgery with the majority of swelling and bruising dissipating within the first two weeks. Most patients return to work within two weeks after surgery with certain restrictions.

When will I see my results after an Eyelid Lift?

A significant amount of bruising and swelling will resolve within the first two weeks after surgery revealing a youthful, alert eyes. While it takes a few months for all residual post-operative swelling to settle, you will see significant results within the first few weeks. In addition, it takes a full year for your eyelids to reach their final contour.

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